Why is the Land Title Association of Arizona Annual Convention so important?

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None of us have to be reminded of how different things are, how different the political scene locally and nationally is. The politic transitions are surprising even those of us who were sure we had seen and heard it all.

The very foundation of our industry is changing. Over 50% of mortgages are going through new forms of lenders. The CFPB has become the biggest story in our blogs and websites.

Privacy, technology, transparency, data protection and new business models have replaced our traditional conversations and business goals.

When we step back and take a close look at what is going on, the one thing that is clear is there are things within our control and things outside of our control. Those of us who will accept nothing short of success need to decide what we are going to do with those things we can control.

We need to start at home with our business models. We need to honor privacy, apply best practices, never waste any resource (money, people or time), be sure to provide great value to our clients and remember our clients are who we do all of this for.

At Quadras, our commitment is to the post-closing part of the process. Post-closing is that almost invisible part of the “signature to keys” process that buyers, sellers and realtors only think about or care about when they are surprised by a delay or recording problem.

We know that together with our Arizona Land Title Association partners we can make the whole process better for the buyers, sellers, realtors and for ourselves. The way we do that is focus on what we control, continuously improve every part of our business model and demonstrate the integrity our clients deserve.

Join us at the Land Title Association of Arizona Annual Convention September 14 through 16, and throughout the year to collectively keep making things better for our clients and our industry.

Will McLain

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