“I think Quadras is great because we can record all day instead of having only 2 recording times…”

Record Officer

  • “The ability to scan from our desks cuts out the necessity of scheduling and paying for special couriers on those rush recordings or having to make a mad dash to the recorder’s office ourselves. In addition, we look like rock stars to our clients as we now have the ability to contact our clients, on those cash sales, a half hour after they signed to confirm recording and pick up or delivery of packages.”

    Branch Manager

Q Recording

  • “Our branch has been using QRecording for two years and it has not only alleviated stress for our employees but it has given us an edge over our competition as we are the only Title Company in our area that offers this service. We have been able to take signatures later in the day and still record the same day and cut down on the costs for Couriers”

    Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager

Document Control

  • “I have been using the Q Branch Recording for over three years and find the program to be “priceless.” The many benefits include the ability to see what documents have been scanned into the recording que and tracking “real time” with updates as documents go from scanned, checked, sent and recorded; the instant notification that your documents have been recorded and the ability to print recorded document upon notification. I forward the Q Branch recording confirmation to my clients and customers upon receipt from the Q Branch Recording Team. You are notified immediately through the Q Branch Recording system if any errors are reported on your documents or with the Counting recording site. The program and the Q Branch Recording Team is user friendly, making recording their top priority. Recorded documents are stored in the Q Branch Recording site for 90 days after recording. I would, without hesitation, recommend the Q Branch Recording program to everyone!”

    Branch Manager

Record Anytime

  • “I would be glad to give a great review of the Q Branch Recording system. The system is very easy to use and very efficient. The time it saves by recording electronically and not having to spend the time and money to deliver original documents to the County Recorder has allowed us to close many transactions the very same day the parties sign….where before, that was almost impossible to accomplish and now it is a breeze. Our customers (Buyers and Sellers and Realtors) are very happy and impressed by the quickness of our electronic recording system. And as an escrow officer it has really helped my escrow closing efficiency as well!”

    Escrow Officer

Process Control

  • "Quadras is an excellent system that takes the guess work out of the recording process. It also allows the escrow staff to submit documents for recording from their desk without the need to send the original documents anywhere. Once the documents are scanned and uploaded, the exact status of the recording package can be viewed at any time within the system. The escrow user has the ability to authorize the recording of the documents with a click of a mouse, it could not be any easier. With Quadras, it is difficult to imagine recording documents any other way."

    Escrow Operations Manager

Timely Completion

  • “I was a little nervous when Q Branch recording rolled out…and, within days, I was a big fan!! The ability to scan recording desk packages provides more control over your closing timeline, the ability to make corrections keeping the documents neat and legible. I find that it really impressed our customers that we can provide a recorded DOT or a recorded Warranty Deed the day of closing and documents such as Death Certificates or POA never have to be couriered with the hope that recording desk remembers to follow your instructions and return the original to the branch for processing. Q Branch recording has definitely set us apart from our competition and it supports the closing agent to WOW the customer with those last minute recordings. Just remember to scan your packages early and you are ready and waiting…no one has to panic when that wire posts late in the afternoon. I appreciate what this technology brings to the success of my branch. It is a great tool!”

    Branch Manager


  • “We LOVE having the QBranch available to us. We would have situations before we had the QBranch when couriers didn’t make it to the recording desk in time or we released a package we forgot to send down. We don’t have those issues anymore. We are able to keep our clients happy and speed up the process while keeping costs down. When we need to send a 1 hour courier is roughly $30 each so it is really a huge cost saver for us. Also, we are able to get files recorded that would not have even been an option before with late signings. I don’t think I could go back to not having it.”

    Branch Manager

Q Recording Process

  • “I actually really enjoy and appreciate the Q Recording process now. No more scrambling to get a last minute courier to run the items down to recording. The clients enjoy the security of the items staying in office and knowing that I have control over getting the originals back to them. The process is so efficient and user friendly!!”

    Escrow Officer Assistant

Easy Upload

  • “I love Quadras because it’s easy to upload, you can see the status of your recordings at all times. You can also see if it is in TO review or if it is sent without waiting for an email.”

    Escrow Officer

2 recording times

  • “I think Quadras is great because we can record all day instead of having only 2 recording times. When I explain to my clients at closing how we record electronically they all think that is very impressive.”

    Escrow Officer

Recording desk

  • “I actually love recording from my desk. I don’t have to wait for the package to get to the recording desk; it gets reviewed and cleared much faster. Our customers appreciate that the package stays in our possession the entire time, so there isn’t a risk of it being lost or delayed. I also like that I have full control over what happens to the documents, whether corrections are needed, or when and where the originals are mailed.”

    Escrow Officer Assistant

Implementation of QBranch

  • “Since the implementation of QBranch our branch has been able to reduce the cost of our courier bill every month. We love the convenience of being able to scan our recording package into the QBranch system and releasing it to record. The convenience of being able to track our recording from the point of scanning to TO review to recording is amazing. The recording time notification is quick to us therefore making it quick to our customer. We love this process for our recordings and would not want it any other way”

    Vice President and Area Manager

Process of Recording

  • “We can now provide our clients with a much faster process of recording. That is the final set to cross the finish line for us in the branches. If we have done a great job but it takes all day to get the recoding done then it delays proceeds, commission checks and most important KEY’S to a new home owner! The added benefits aside from time is the cost of services to get out recording to the title department/ recording desk. Being out in the far SW Valley, that is a BIG Savings for us.”

    Assistant-Vice President Branch Manager