How do agents choose which underwriters to send deals to?

Before we answer that, where does the local agent deliver value?

In creating and maintaining superior customer relationships, usually with realtors, lenders.

In applying local knowledge of title records and practices and evaluating possible risks in a transaction and the people involved.

What local agent actions deliver little or no value?

A title agent adds little value to his customer by performing routine clerical work. Value is only added if clerical work is performed quickly and accurately with the timely delivery of products.

Where does the underwriter deliver value to the agent?

Perhaps direct support in processing orders?

By completing the post-closing clerical and recording tasks as well as recording instructions quickly and efficiently, issuing the title policies, and completing the needed accounting, quickly and at lower cost.

This is not only possible, but practical without ponderous or expensive development.

What is in it for the Underwriter?

  • Control
  • Less Risk
  • More agents passing on deals

If you would like to see how this can work for you…

If agents are able to turn out more deals, cleaner, smoother and faster than the competition…

Everyone Wins!

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